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Guaranteeing $afe Growth & Income for Your Retirement
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What is Safe Money?

Safe Money Smart is a philosophy, not one specific program, investment or company. There are far too many Americans today who are heading into retirement, or already in retirement, without a plan and without being both Safe and Smart.

Safe Money is leveraging the financial strength of multi-billion dollar, legal reserve life insurance companies to form guaranteed income. Smart Money is challenging the old, dogmatic thoughts of utilizing low yield, non-guaranteed bonds and volatile dividend paying stocks to create a retirement plan.

Traditional plans do not account for the fact that Americans are living longer than ever and saving less than ever while taxes, health care and national debt are on the rise. Safe Money Smart is not affiliated or appointed with any financial entity or insurance carrier. This allows Safe Money Smart to be agnostic in its diligent search for licensed agents who share in the Safe Money Smart philosophy of retirement. All recommended Safe Money Smart agents undergo a thorough background check and their license and certification are verified to be accurate and active. Furthermore, all recommended Safe Money Smart agents are checked to ensure there are no outstanding violations or felonies on their record.

Are you in need of a Safe Money Smart plan? Click on the scenarios below to see a few examples of those who are, and how Safe Money Smart works for them.

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Guaranteeing $afe Growth & Income for Your Retirement
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